If we frequent diarrhea, digestion is often compromised, then we need to consume probiotics mewaspadainya.Bisa so we lack. Though probiotics really help boost our immune system so as not susceptible to disease.

Roy Fuller (1989) defines the term probiotics as live microorganisms in food supplements that have beneficial effects for the body by improving the balance of microorganisms in the intestines.

A research associate that person with the pattern of food consumption of high fat and protein but low in fiber will have more harmful bacteria in the digestive tract.

So the consumption of probiotics is intended to overcome the problems in digestion. Microorganisms are expected to maintain the balance of microorganisms in the digestive tract. Thus the health of the body will be more awake. The researchers also believe that the bacteria LAB probiotic microorganisms play an important role in enhancing the immune system.

The benefits of probiotics themselves including lowering cholesterol, lowering blood pressure, improve immune function and prevent infections, improve urogenital health, lower levels of colon cancer / kersinogen detoxification, reduce inflammation, improve mineral absorption, reduce clutter intestines, nutrient synthesis.
Probiotic food may take the form of fermented milk, yogurt, cheese, butter, juice and infant formula fortified with lactic acid bacteria.

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