Want a long life? Imitate the lifestyle of Japanese women. For 25 consecutive years of Japanese female life expectancy is highest in the world. Japan has made ​​a big leap in the treatment of cancer, stroke, and heart disease, but their longevity largely related to diet, obesity is low, and the ability to control stress.

Following a healthy lifestyle Japanese women that we can steal their knowledge:

Eating Seaweed.

Actually a multivitamin, which megandung potassium, calcium, magnesium, zar iron, iodine, vitamin C, fiber beta-carotene, and others. Their diet consists mostly of foods derived from plants such as fruits, vegetables, and soy.

Eat Fish.

The Japanese like tuna, mackerel and salmon, which contain omega-3 fatty acid levels high. Research shows omega-3 can reduce the risk of heart disease and breast cancer.

Drinking Green Tea.

Based on recent research, those who consumed six cups of tea per day had a 36 percent risk of heart disease is lower than those who drank less than that. Green tea is full of antioxidants, which reduce the impact of cancer on bone resulting in osteoporosis.

Eat More Slowly.

The Japanese are taught to enjoy every bite of their food (eating with chopsticks also help slow speed). The reason for eating more slowly is the key because the brain takes 20 minutes to feel full. So, if you utilize your time, you may eat to satisfaction rather than until you are full.

Use A Small Plate.

When you use a plate or small bowl instead of using a large plate, you are much easier to control your eating.


Try the Japanese physical exercise (such as martial arts) and mental fitness. Activities such as yoga and meditation has been proven to not only reduce stress but also ward off dementia and keep the brain regions associated with concentration and memory.

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The Meaning Of Patience, on this occasion, I would like to invite all friends to both understand and ponder the meaning of patience in relation to achieving successful results in life. To help us understand and reflect Meaning Of Patience, I give the following Words of Wisdom from Mr. Mario: "Every act - definitely need a piece of lead time between the implementation and results. Attitude needed to occur within a period of calm that is the power which we usually refer to as patience. That is why every action requires patience to get to the point where the result was achieved. Patience is the power to act calmly in waiting ".

That means, anyone who can be patient, be he who knows clearly what he was waiting for. And to find out what he was waiting, he had to do something with a plan to achieve one or two specific things. - Super Mario - How companions, whether friend already has an understanding of the meaning of patience to be used as a material reflection? Well ... There are a few things from the Word of Wisdom in which I think we need to underline in understanding and reflecting Meaning Of Patience, namely: First, patience is power. This I think is clear enough, because not everyone can be patient, so that people who can be patient is a person who has the strength, the strength to remain calm in the waiting time occurs where the outcome was achieved. Second, patience is an important factor, even the key factor to achieve the desired results. There will always be an interval (time interval) between the implementation and results. Because there is always a time interval (time interval) between the implementation and results, to arrive at a time when the result was achieved, patience is the key factor. This means that without patience the efforts we have done to obtain the results will be in vain. Many people are good, even excellent in its efforts but failed to achieve results, because they do not have the patience. Third, a person can be called patient while he was awaiting the results of what he had done with the article to achieve those results. In other words (notice of this friend), if one does not do anything, and just accept what the conditions are, he can not be called to be patient.

Moreover, here I give anymore Wise words from Mr. Mario: Someone that can happen quietly in a career and a life without a plan - can not be called to be patient. He just used to not feel nervous in a weakening of his life. None of his anxiety in someone who is a career and life without a plan - not a peace, but a not-present-an. He was not present in his own life. - Super Mario - If we connect the patience to achieving successful results in life, it is clear that the patience that we have is the power to remain calm in the waiting happens when our life where success is achieved. Thus, it is clear also that the efforts we're doing is a well-planned efforts, and that lead to the achievement of life success.

Actually there are other things about the patience that we must understand and reflect upon, but will run if I study now, maybe I will discuss in my next article. For a while, I think it was the subject of our reflection on The Meaning Of Patience. Well my friends, in the lives of our steps to success, can we called people to be patient? That is, Are the efforts we have done in our lives to achieve success? And, if our power to remain calm prevailing in the waiting time of our lives where success is achieved? Be patient my friend ... Because after the efforts that we do, patience is the key to the door of our life success ...

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Friend is the most important thing for every woman. With a friend of the women usually spend time together, pour out his heart and become the amplifier of emotion for one another. Here are 8 types of companions that should be owned by a woman to continue to live a happy life:

1. Childhood friend.
Childhood friend is the most special friend. They know you and your family as you grow with them. "My childhood is a reminder that you are the same people, although you may have reached a certain level of success," said Rebecca G. Adams, professor of sociology at the University of North Carolina.

2. New friends.
New friends are needed the woman who feels her life becomes flat and loses passion for life. "With age, women are usually soluble in routines. Therefore women need new friends to rekindle their spirit alive," said Rosemary Blieszner, Professor of Virginia Tech.

3. Friends Sports.
The members agreed that exercise is one of the most important thing you can do for physical and mental health. With the help of good friends who would normally make the women to run the sporting spirit that normally would be the last thing they do.

4. Spiritual friends.
A study from Duke University found that people who regularly attend religious services or engage in activities such as prayer, meditation or studying scripture has a 50 percent lower risk of death compared with those who do not perform these activities, and do it with friends will create an atmosphere a more peaceful and unpretentious.

5. Friends who Aged Younger.
By having a younger friend who is usually the woman will feel appreciated, because my friends are younger often ask about something already experienced. The study found that an essential element of a happy life is a feeling useful to others. To maximize the benefits of this friendship, let the suggestions flow in both directions.

6. Friends of Your Life Partner.
Good friend for your wedding. The study, led by Professor Kenneth Leopard, find that friend brings a good effect for married life.

7. The mother.
Although sometimes the women are often quarreled with his mother, but she still will be a best friend for most women. According to research at Pennsylvania State University, 85 percent of adult women admitted to have a good relationship with their mother and that relationship affects the level of their happiness.

8. Yourself.
Loving yourself is the main thing that determines a person's happiness. How to make friends with yourself? Begin by accepting your shortcomings and try to accentuate your strengths, then love on you will come by itself.

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Be proud we as Indonesia because it has the tempeh is often used as a main side dish to accompany rice. Tempe excellence not only purportedly by the host, but also the neighboring countries that tempeh has a good nutritional content.

Here are some types of nutrients contained in the tempe:

1. Vitamin B12.

Tempe is one of the few types of plant foods that contain vitamin B12. In general, strict vegetarians who do not consume dairy products and eggs may need B12 supplement.
However, those who consume tempeh with routine also requires several doses of B12 supplements. According to Whitney's Graduate Research Fund at Florida State University, 100 grams of tempeh contains 0.12 micrograms of vitamin B12. This amount is roughly equal to the amount of vitamin B12 that will get the quarter chicken breasts. Generally, you need a vitamin B as 6 micrograms/day.

2. Protein.

Tempe is a very good source of protein. Every 100 grams of tempeh contains 17 grams of protein. This amount is equal to the amount of protein from 100 g of chicken feet. Tempe contains higher protein than cheese. And the most special of tempeh is low in fat and contain no cholesterol.

3. More Nutrition.

100 grams of tempeh contains about 80 mg of calcium. Although the amount of calcium from the tempeh is lower than the amount of calcium contained in dairy products, but this is still greatly contribute to your daily requirement of kalsium.Tempe also contains iron, magnesium, and zinc in reply made ​​of soy tempeh.
Because it is made from soy, you certainly will get the same benefits when you consume soy. According to Columbia University Health, soy can help lower cholesterol levels, protect the body against heart disease, improve bone density and may be key to preventing osteoporosis.

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It has often we hear that a diet rich in antioxidants is key to prevent Alzheimer's. Now there is evidence that niacin or vitamin B3 also lowers the risk of getting Alzheimer's by 80 percent.

In a study to test how much niacin or vitamin B3 can have an effect on Alzheimer's, researchers from the Rush Institute for Healthy Aging in Chicago, United States, counting 3718 diet and mental capabilities of parents during the period of 9 years.

From there it is known, compared to only get 12 milligrams of niacin per day, those who received 22 milligrams of niacin in the diet daily had 80 percent lower risk for developing Alzheimer's disease.

It is not known exactly how the mechanism of niacin relation to brain health. However, previous studies showed that niacin or vitamin B3 is essential for nerve signal receiver.

It is advisable to take niacin every day around 14 to 16 milligrams. Head of the institute researcher, Martha Morris, stating that it is not dangerous for those who consume more than that. Reminded, the best results were seen in those who take niacin or vitamin B3 is obtained from foods, not from supplements.

Therefore, he advocated in people of all ages to increase intake of niacin that can be obtained from chicken and salmon.

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Eggs are animal products that contain the essential amino acids the human body needs. Despite having a high nutrient content, eggs are easily damaged due to bacteria, including Salmonella, chemicals from waste, and impact or friction.

Ambar Turatminah, Chairman of the Temple P Jaya which produce eggs salted shrimp flavors, say, fresh eggs with good quality stored no more than two weeks. When stored over time, the eggs will be damaged.
Damage occurs due to the release of carbon dioxide gas from the egg thereby increasing the degree of acidity of the product.

Storage of eggs in a long time without curing can lead to evaporation so that the weight of eggs and egg whites declined to be diluted.

"Eggs are preserved can extend the shelf life of at least a week without reducing the nutritional value in it," said Ambar who choose to preserve eggs by using a slurry of a mixture of clay, brick powder, rub ashes, and salt with a specific composition.

According to him, the preservation of eggs can be done with decrease in temperature, ie, put in a refrigerator at a temperature of 5 degrees Celsius five. This makes the eggs resistant to 30 days.
Preserving by using vegetable oil or wax is applied to dilute the egg. Preserving this way can make the egg stand one to two months.

Eggs can also be preserved by salting, among others, include salt preservative fluid using a syringe into the egg. Hole and then covered with tape or wax and then boiled. Eggs are only lasting 3 to 4 days.

Another way is to soak marinating in a mixture of water and salt for five to 10 days. Eggs preserved in this way last week.
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If we frequent diarrhea, digestion is often compromised, then we need to consume probiotics mewaspadainya.Bisa so we lack. Though probiotics really help boost our immune system so as not susceptible to disease.

Roy Fuller (1989) defines the term probiotics as live microorganisms in food supplements that have beneficial effects for the body by improving the balance of microorganisms in the intestines.

A research associate that person with the pattern of food consumption of high fat and protein but low in fiber will have more harmful bacteria in the digestive tract.

So the consumption of probiotics is intended to overcome the problems in digestion. Microorganisms are expected to maintain the balance of microorganisms in the digestive tract. Thus the health of the body will be more awake. The researchers also believe that the bacteria LAB probiotic microorganisms play an important role in enhancing the immune system.

The benefits of probiotics themselves including lowering cholesterol, lowering blood pressure, improve immune function and prevent infections, improve urogenital health, lower levels of colon cancer / kersinogen detoxification, reduce inflammation, improve mineral absorption, reduce clutter intestines, nutrient synthesis.
Probiotic food may take the form of fermented milk, yogurt, cheese, butter, juice and infant formula fortified with lactic acid bacteria.

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No doubt, many things we do in life without us time to think about. All this is done automatically and flows just like that, so it becomes routine and habit. Feeding activity anddrinkeveryday for example, must be done continuously because we need nutrients to the body.

But unfortunately, we often serikali not only puts great emphasis on this one activity. What often happens, eat or drink just a formality. As a result, any bad habits appear toaffectquality nutrition. In fact, eating or drinking is obviously very important for growth, maintainhealth and fitness condition. Although you can not change bad habits at once, you shouldstart doing the little things that will be beneficial to your health. Here are tips from the experts nutrition or how to get used toand done in your life. It is important to do so if youwant to get healthy nutrients every day and, let's tips clay:

1.      Do not put off eating (eating plan regularly three times a day).
2.      Make it a habit to read food labels. That way, you will know and be wary of food that yourbody goesin.
3.      Plan to bring a healthy snack to work.
4.      Between lunch and dinner, get used to eating five servings of fruits and vegetables.
5.      Stopping your habit of adding salt to food.
6.      Do not eat anything after 8 pm.
7.      Try to eat a new food every week. It helps you to recognize a variety of foods.
8.      Eat less meat to reduce fat and cholesterol.
9.      Make sure the bread, cereal, pasta, and crackers made ​​from wheat.
10.  Select one from the list and combine these tips with your healthy habits. Writing, and practicing within 30 days.
11.  Do not try to convert more than one habit at the same time.

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    Salam is the name of the spice-producing trees the leaves are used in the cuisine of the NusantaraIn English, known as Indonesian bay-leaf  or Indonesian laurel, while the scientific name is Syzygium polyanthum.

    Salam has a lot of names are:
    1. Malay: ubar serai.
    2. Sundanese, Javanese and Madurese: Salam.
    3. Kangean: kastolam.
    4. Java: manting.
    5. Sumatra: meselengan.

    Bay leaves are used mainly as a cooking spice fragrances in several countries in Southeast Asia, both for cooking meat, fish, vegetables, and riceThe leaves are mixed in one piece, dried or fresh, and also cooked up the food cooked. This spice gives a distinctive herbaceous aroma but not hard. In the market and in the kitchen, bay-leaf often paired with laos galangal alias.
    The wood is reddish brown orange and medium quality. Timber belonging to the brown wooden (trade name) can be used as building materials and home furnishings. Salam bark contains tannin, often used as Ubar (for coloring and preserving) the mesh, material woven from bamboo and others. Bark and leaves used as traditional ingredients to cure stomach aches. Fruit edible salam people as well, although only the kids who loved it.

    Usefulness of Traditional Medicine.
    Traditionally, bay leaves used as an upset stomach. Bay leaves can also be used to stop excessive defecation. Laurel can also be used to overcome gout, stroke, high cholesterol, blood circulation, stomach ulcers, diarrhea, rashes, diabetes, and others.
    The use of bay leaves as above caused by the abortion drug that is on a bay leaf contained approximately 0.17% of essential oils, with an important component kavikol eugenol and methyl (methyl chavicol) in it. Ethanol extract of leaves showed antifungal and antibacterial effect, whereas extracts metanolnya is anticacing, especially in the nematode Bursaphelenchus xylophilus kayupinus. Chemical content contained in these plants is essential oils, tannins, and flavonoids. Parts of trees that can be used as medicine are the leaves, bark, roots, and fruit.Bay leaf extract 3x250 mg/day showed a tendency to lower blood sugar levels fasting and 2 hours after meals, especially on blood sugar levels below 200 mg/dL, although the difference was not statistically significant.
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    Zaman sekarang banyak sekali "Kenakalan-kenakalan", bukan hanya "Kenakalan" anak-anak sampai orang dewasa saja tetapi "Kenakalan" pegadang pun ada di dalam menjajakan jualannya/barang dagangannya. Supaya si pedagang tidak rugi/bangkrut tetapi mengambil untung yang sangat besar dari "Kenakalan" mereka melalui pejualannya, Mari kita liat apa saja "Kenakalan" para si pedagang itu :

    1. Tempe.

    Siapa yang tak kenal tempe? Makanan hasil fermentasi antara kedelai dan sejenis jamur ini banyak penggemarnya. Selain harganya murah dan mudah didapat, rasanya juga lezat.

    Melihat tampilan tempe setelah dimasak, perut langsung keroncongan. Belum lagi mencium harumnya, tidak tahan ingin segera menyantap makanan murah meriah ini. Tak hanya lezat, sepotong tempe mengandung berbagai unsur bermanfaat, seperti protein nabati terbaik serta komponen antibakteri yang bermanfaat besar bagi kesehatan.

    Namun, di tengah upaya sekelompok perajin dan pedagang tempe dengan cara yang jujur, muncul segelintir perajin tempe nakal. Mereka menggunakan zat pewarna tekstil yang tidak bisa dipertanggungjawaban dengan berbagai macam alasan.

    Tim Sigi mencoba melacak kebenaran perajin tempe yang menggunakan zat pewarna tekstil. Salah satu perajin tempe yang konon pernah menggunakan pewarna tekstil tim Sigi dekati. Dari informasinya, tim Sigi mencari perajin tempe yang masih menggunakan pewarna tekstil dan berhasil. Berkat bantuan seorang narasumber tim Sigi, perajin itu bahkan bersedia mengungkap rahasia dapurnya membuat tempe yang dicurigai mengandung zat kimia berbahaya.

    Seperti yg telah diduga, serbuk pewarna yang berbahaya juga dibeli si perajin tempe nakal tersebut. Ia lalu memasak, merendam, mencuci, dan meniriskan kedelai sebelum mencetak dalam kemasan plastik. Saat menaburi kedelai dengan ragi, si perajin tempe mengeluarkan senjata rahasianya, yaitu menaburi dua sampai tiga sendok serbuk pewarna ke dalam tong penampung kedelai. Maksudnya agar tempe kelihatan cerah dan menarik. Tentu saja ini cara yang salah.

    Cara Membedakan tempe yg mengandung pewarna tekstil atau tempe asli:

    Tempe yg mengandung Pewarna tekstil:
    1. Warna tempe lebih cerah kekuning kerah.
    2. Tempe lebih cepat busuk.
    3. Tempe setelah dimasak agak keliatan kekuning kuningan.

    Tempe yg murni:
    1. Warna tempe agak keputihan alias tdk terlalu kuning.
    2. Tempe lbh tahan lama.
    3. Tempe yg setelah di masak bewarna kecoklat coklatan.

    2. Beras (rice).

    Siapa yang tak tertarik dengan tampilan beras berwarna putih dan bersih? Apalagi jika harganya tidak terlalu mahal. Semua pasti tergiur. Tapi tunggu, Anda mesti lebih berhati-hati, karena beras dengan ciri-ciri sepeti itu belum tentu sehat, bisa jadi beras seperti itu sudah dicampur pemutih. Kasus beras dicampur pemutih ini sudah ada sejak tahun 2006.

    Ciri-ciri beras dengan pemutih berikut:
    1. Setelah disimpan beberapa hari, beras menggunakan klorin akan mengeluarkan bau tengik dan terasa sedikit asam. Bila mengalami hal seperti ini, cepat buang beras itu dan jangan sampai dimakan.
    2. Beras terlihat putih bersih hampir menyerupai ketan putih, berbeda dari beras pada umumnya yang berwarna tidak terlalu putih. Justru yang tidak putih yang sehat.
    3. Butiran beras tidak terlihat bening dan berwarna pekat.
    4. Air cucian beras yang menggunakan klorin tidak keruh dan kotor saat dicuci berulang-ulang. Hal ini berbeda ketika kita mencuci beras pada umumnya.
    5. Dijual murah.
    6. Biasanya ditambahkan wewangian, seperti wangi pandan.

    3. Tahu.

    Tahu adalah makanan khas indonesia yg sangat enak rasa nya menurut ane, Tetapi kelezatan tahu tersebut hilang karena ada beberapa pedangang TOLOL yg mencari keuntungan dgn cara yg salah yaitu menggunakan FORMALIN.

    Ciri Ciri Tahu Yang Mengandung Formalin dapat kita ketahui dari :
    1. Tahu berformalin baunya menyengat, sedangkan yang asli akan tercium bau khas kedelai.
    2. Tahu berformalin akan mental jika ditekan, sangat kenyal, sedangkan tahu tanpa formalin jika ditekan akan hancur dan tak kembali.
    3. Tahu berformalin akan awet tahan lama, sedangkan tahu tanpa formalin hanya tahan satu hingga dua hari.

    4. Ayam (Chicken).

    Daging sudah menjadi konsumsi biasa bagi masyarakat di Indonesia, mulai dari daging sapi, kambing, ayam, maupun jenis daging hewan lainnya. Dan demi mengeruk keuntungan, tak jarang para pedagang berlaku curang dengan menjual daging yang mengandung formalin maupun daging bangkai

    Ciri-ciri daging ayam berformalin:
    1. Putih mengkilap.
    2. Konsistensi kenyal.
    3. Permukaan kulit tegang.
    4. Bau khas formalin.

    Ciri-ciri daging ayam bangkai:
    1. Bau anyir.
    2. Serat otot kemerahan.
    3. Ada bercak-bercak darah pada kepala, leher, punggung, sayap dan dada.
    4. Konsistensi otot dada dan paha lembek.
    5. Hati merah kehitaman. Dalam karkas kemerahan.

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    300 gr beras, lalu cuci bersih.
    750 ml santan sari (1/2 buah kelapa).
    750 air kaldu ayam (terbuat dari rebusan tulang ayam).
    1 sdm garam.
    2 lembar daun salam.

    8 butir bawang merah.
    4 siung bawang putih.
    1 sdt merica.
    5 btr kemiri.
    1 1/2 sdt garam.
    3 cm kunyit, lalu bakar.
    2 lembar daun salam.
    1 batang serai, lalu memarkan.
    3 sdm minyak untuk menumis
    600 ml air
    3 cm lengkuas, lalu memarkan.
    3 lembar daun jeruk.

    Kecap manis.
    Ayam goreng, lalu suwir-suwir.
    Telur ayam rebus setengah matang.
    Kacang kedelai goreng.
    Cakwe, lalu iris tipis.
    Seledri, lalu iris.
    Bawang goreng.
    Kerupuk kanji.
    Daun bawang iris.

    Cara Membuat
    Campur beras, santan, air kaldu, garam dan daun salam. Masak sampai menjadi bubur.

    Kaldu ayam:
    Rebus 500 gram tulang ayam dengan 800 ml air sampai mendidih. Angkat, lalu saring dan takar sebanyak 750 ml.

    Kuah kuning: 
    Haluskan bawang merah, bawang putih, merica, kemiri, kunyit bakar, dan garam. Tumis sampai harum. Tambahkan daun salam, daun jeruk, lengkuas, dan serai. Tumis lagi sampai matang. Tuangkan air, masak sampai mendidih, angkat.

    Masukkan sedikit bubur panas ke dalam mangkuk. Pecahkan telur setengah matang di tengahnya Tutup lagi dengan bubur panas. Siram dengan kuah kuning. Tambahkan ayam suwir, cakue, kacang kedelai, dan bahan pelengkap lainnya. Sajikan dengan kerupuk kanji.

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    Hidup sehat adalah salah satu kunci dari kebugaran daya tahan tubuh untuk panjang umur (awet muda) dalam kehidupan yang kita lakukan. Untuk hidup sehat, kita tentu memerlukan kandungan nutrisi yang baik dan sehat pula. Inilah beberapa jenis makanan yang diklaim berkhasiat membuat awet muda dan tetap sehat, yaitu:
    1. Minyak Zaitun (Olive Oil).

    Empat dekade lalu, para peneliti dari Seven Coutries Study menyimpulkan bahwa lemak tak jenuh dengan rantai tunggal (monounsaturated) dalam minyak zaitun secara luas bermanfaat untuk menekan risiko penyakit jantung dan kanker di Kepulauan Crete di Yunani.  Kini masyarakat juga sudah banyak yahu bahwa minyak zaitun mengandung polyphenols, antioksidan kuat yang bisa mencegah jenis penyakit akibat penuaan.
    2. Yogurt.

    Pada era 1970an, wilayah Georgia dikabarkan memiliki jumlah penduduk yang berusia rata-rata di atas 100 tahun yang lebih banyak ketimbang negara lain. Laporan pada saat itu mengklaim bahwa rahasia dari umur yang panjang tersebut adalah yogurt.  Meskipun kekuatan yogurt dalam memperpanjang usia belum pernah terbukti secara langsung, yogurt adalah makanan yang kaya kalsium yang dapat mencegah osteoporosis.  Selain itu, yogurt juga mengandung bakter baik yang mempertahankan kesehatan pencernaan serta mengurangi risiko mengidap penyakit usus yang berkaitan dengan usia
    3. Ikan (Fish).

    Tiga puluh tahun lalu,  para ahli mulai meneliti mengapa penduduk asli Alaska (inuit) bisa terbebas dari penyakit jantung. Alasannya, menurut perkiraan para ahli, adalah tingkat konsumsi ikan yang luar biasa. Ikan memang mengandung banyak lemak omega-3, yang bisa membantu menurunkan kolesterol dan penyumbatan dalam pembuluh darah serta mencegah ritme jantung abnormal.
    4. Cokelat (Chocolate).

    Masyarakat Kuna di Kepulauan San Blas, Panama, tercatat memiliki risiko penyakit jantung lebih rendah hingga sembilan kali lipat di banding penduduk lainnya yang tinggal di Panama. Alasannya? Warga Kuna rajin sekali meminum kokoa yang kaya flavanols, antioksidan yang dapat membantu memperlancar peredaran darah. Menjaga kesehatan pembuluh darah berarti menekan risiko tekanan darah tinggi, diabetes tipe 2, penyakit ginjal dan demensia.
    5. Kacang (Peanut).

    Riset yang dilakukan kelompok Seventh-Day Adventists (aliran Kristiani yang menerapkan hidup sehat dan diet vegetarian) menunjukkan bahwa seseorang yang makan kacang rata-rata memiliki umur panjang dua setengah tahun. Kacang dikenal kaya akan lemak tidak jenuh, sehingga makanan ini menawarkan manfaat serupa dengan minyak zaitun. Kacang juga mengandung  beragam vitamin, mineral dan zat phytochemical termasuk antioksidan.
    6. Anggur (Wine).

    Minum alkohol dalam jumlah moderat diklaim dapat melindungi dari penyakit jantung, diabetes dan kepikunan. Banyak jenis minuman beralkohol yang bisa mendatangkan manfaat tersebut, tetapi banyak penelitian yang memfokuskanya pada anggur merah.  Anggur merah mengandung resveratrol, zat yang diperkirakan mendatangkan berbagai manfaat tersebut.
    7. Blueberry (Blueberries).

    Dalam sebuah riset yang dipublikasikan pada 1999, peneliti dari Jean Mayer Human Nutrition Research Center memberikan ekstrak blueberry pada tikus. Pemberian ekstrak ini diberikan selama periode kehidupan tikus yang setara dengan 10 tahun kehidupan manusia. Tikus yang diberi ekstrak ini menunjukkan keunggulannya ketimbang tikus biasa saat uji keseimbangan dan koordinasi ketika mereka mencapai usia lanjut. Kandungan dalam blueberry (dan berry lainnya) diduga dapat mengurangi peradangan (inflamasi) dan kerusahan bersifat oksidatif, yang mana ini berhubungan dengan penurunan daya ingat dan kemampuan motorik saat lanjut usia.
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