Eggs are animal products that contain the essential amino acids the human body needs. Despite having a high nutrient content, eggs are easily damaged due to bacteria, including Salmonella, chemicals from waste, and impact or friction.

Ambar Turatminah, Chairman of the Temple P Jaya which produce eggs salted shrimp flavors, say, fresh eggs with good quality stored no more than two weeks. When stored over time, the eggs will be damaged.
Damage occurs due to the release of carbon dioxide gas from the egg thereby increasing the degree of acidity of the product.

Storage of eggs in a long time without curing can lead to evaporation so that the weight of eggs and egg whites declined to be diluted.

"Eggs are preserved can extend the shelf life of at least a week without reducing the nutritional value in it," said Ambar who choose to preserve eggs by using a slurry of a mixture of clay, brick powder, rub ashes, and salt with a specific composition.

According to him, the preservation of eggs can be done with decrease in temperature, ie, put in a refrigerator at a temperature of 5 degrees Celsius five. This makes the eggs resistant to 30 days.
Preserving by using vegetable oil or wax is applied to dilute the egg. Preserving this way can make the egg stand one to two months.

Eggs can also be preserved by salting, among others, include salt preservative fluid using a syringe into the egg. Hole and then covered with tape or wax and then boiled. Eggs are only lasting 3 to 4 days.

Another way is to soak marinating in a mixture of water and salt for five to 10 days. Eggs preserved in this way last week.
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