No doubt, many things we do in life without us time to think about. All this is done automatically and flows just like that, so it becomes routine and habit. Feeding activity anddrinkeveryday for example, must be done continuously because we need nutrients to the body.

But unfortunately, we often serikali not only puts great emphasis on this one activity. What often happens, eat or drink just a formality. As a result, any bad habits appear toaffectquality nutrition. In fact, eating or drinking is obviously very important for growth, maintainhealth and fitness condition. Although you can not change bad habits at once, you shouldstart doing the little things that will be beneficial to your health. Here are tips from the experts nutrition or how to get used toand done in your life. It is important to do so if youwant to get healthy nutrients every day and, let's tips clay:

1.      Do not put off eating (eating plan regularly three times a day).
2.      Make it a habit to read food labels. That way, you will know and be wary of food that yourbody goesin.
3.      Plan to bring a healthy snack to work.
4.      Between lunch and dinner, get used to eating five servings of fruits and vegetables.
5.      Stopping your habit of adding salt to food.
6.      Do not eat anything after 8 pm.
7.      Try to eat a new food every week. It helps you to recognize a variety of foods.
8.      Eat less meat to reduce fat and cholesterol.
9.      Make sure the bread, cereal, pasta, and crackers made ​​from wheat.
10.  Select one from the list and combine these tips with your healthy habits. Writing, and practicing within 30 days.
11.  Do not try to convert more than one habit at the same time.

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