The Meaning Of Patience, on this occasion, I would like to invite all friends to both understand and ponder the meaning of patience in relation to achieving successful results in life. To help us understand and reflect Meaning Of Patience, I give the following Words of Wisdom from Mr. Mario: "Every act - definitely need a piece of lead time between the implementation and results. Attitude needed to occur within a period of calm that is the power which we usually refer to as patience. That is why every action requires patience to get to the point where the result was achieved. Patience is the power to act calmly in waiting ".

That means, anyone who can be patient, be he who knows clearly what he was waiting for. And to find out what he was waiting, he had to do something with a plan to achieve one or two specific things. - Super Mario - How companions, whether friend already has an understanding of the meaning of patience to be used as a material reflection? Well ... There are a few things from the Word of Wisdom in which I think we need to underline in understanding and reflecting Meaning Of Patience, namely: First, patience is power. This I think is clear enough, because not everyone can be patient, so that people who can be patient is a person who has the strength, the strength to remain calm in the waiting time occurs where the outcome was achieved. Second, patience is an important factor, even the key factor to achieve the desired results. There will always be an interval (time interval) between the implementation and results. Because there is always a time interval (time interval) between the implementation and results, to arrive at a time when the result was achieved, patience is the key factor. This means that without patience the efforts we have done to obtain the results will be in vain. Many people are good, even excellent in its efforts but failed to achieve results, because they do not have the patience. Third, a person can be called patient while he was awaiting the results of what he had done with the article to achieve those results. In other words (notice of this friend), if one does not do anything, and just accept what the conditions are, he can not be called to be patient.

Moreover, here I give anymore Wise words from Mr. Mario: Someone that can happen quietly in a career and a life without a plan - can not be called to be patient. He just used to not feel nervous in a weakening of his life. None of his anxiety in someone who is a career and life without a plan - not a peace, but a not-present-an. He was not present in his own life. - Super Mario - If we connect the patience to achieving successful results in life, it is clear that the patience that we have is the power to remain calm in the waiting happens when our life where success is achieved. Thus, it is clear also that the efforts we're doing is a well-planned efforts, and that lead to the achievement of life success.

Actually there are other things about the patience that we must understand and reflect upon, but will run if I study now, maybe I will discuss in my next article. For a while, I think it was the subject of our reflection on The Meaning Of Patience. Well my friends, in the lives of our steps to success, can we called people to be patient? That is, Are the efforts we have done in our lives to achieve success? And, if our power to remain calm prevailing in the waiting time of our lives where success is achieved? Be patient my friend ... Because after the efforts that we do, patience is the key to the door of our life success ...

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