Friend is the most important thing for every woman. With a friend of the women usually spend time together, pour out his heart and become the amplifier of emotion for one another. Here are 8 types of companions that should be owned by a woman to continue to live a happy life:

1. Childhood friend.
Childhood friend is the most special friend. They know you and your family as you grow with them. "My childhood is a reminder that you are the same people, although you may have reached a certain level of success," said Rebecca G. Adams, professor of sociology at the University of North Carolina.

2. New friends.
New friends are needed the woman who feels her life becomes flat and loses passion for life. "With age, women are usually soluble in routines. Therefore women need new friends to rekindle their spirit alive," said Rosemary Blieszner, Professor of Virginia Tech.

3. Friends Sports.
The members agreed that exercise is one of the most important thing you can do for physical and mental health. With the help of good friends who would normally make the women to run the sporting spirit that normally would be the last thing they do.

4. Spiritual friends.
A study from Duke University found that people who regularly attend religious services or engage in activities such as prayer, meditation or studying scripture has a 50 percent lower risk of death compared with those who do not perform these activities, and do it with friends will create an atmosphere a more peaceful and unpretentious.

5. Friends who Aged Younger.
By having a younger friend who is usually the woman will feel appreciated, because my friends are younger often ask about something already experienced. The study found that an essential element of a happy life is a feeling useful to others. To maximize the benefits of this friendship, let the suggestions flow in both directions.

6. Friends of Your Life Partner.
Good friend for your wedding. The study, led by Professor Kenneth Leopard, find that friend brings a good effect for married life.

7. The mother.
Although sometimes the women are often quarreled with his mother, but she still will be a best friend for most women. According to research at Pennsylvania State University, 85 percent of adult women admitted to have a good relationship with their mother and that relationship affects the level of their happiness.

8. Yourself.
Loving yourself is the main thing that determines a person's happiness. How to make friends with yourself? Begin by accepting your shortcomings and try to accentuate your strengths, then love on you will come by itself.

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